Quality Control – Client Coordinators

We are extremely proud to have our Client Coordinator team supporting our teammates across the Country and “Delivering Exceptional Experiences” to our Clients.

Pipe View America Client Coordinators provide:

  • Quality Control of all Media and Data
  • Timely submittal of project deliverables
  • Single point of contact for each client
  • Professional communication / Availability

Competitive Pricing

Pipe View America offers competitive pricing for televising and preconstruction services. Please contact us to request a free quote or place us on your bid list.

Cutting Edge Equipment


Pipe View America has TV vehicles that can turn and maneuver inside sewers and underground detention systems. This allows multiple runs and otherwise impossible areas to be viewed without direct access. This technology allows Pipe View to tackle the most challenging underground systems.

We work in all types, sizes and conditions of pipe. Pipe View’s cameras can operate in ductile iron, concrete, HDPE and any other material. No matter what it’s made of we can see through it. Pipe View’s cameras can record inside of pipes as small as 4 inches in diameter. Our TV vehicles can operate in mud gravel and even underwater. If needed, we also can Jet and Vacuum systems for access.

Quality USB Drive or DVD recordings

Pipe View America provides its clients with professional documentation. An executive summary is created for each project. This summary outlines project conditions and highlights all notable conditions found during the inspection. All recordings are provided on DVD or electronic hard drive format. Audio commentary accompanies on screen text to alert and inform viewers of notable conditions. All maps and field sheets are computer generated. Clients are provided with multiple copies of each submittal. All submittals are readily available for duplication upon request.