Drain Tile Televising and Locating

Pipe View America can televise and locate drain tile. Televising can save you money by providing a solution to the real issue rather than digging up drain tile and creating expensive and/or unnecessary disarray to your home or business.


Pre-Construction & Post-Construction Video Recording


Pipe View America will provide videos and accurate pipeline locations showing pre-construction and post-construction site conditions of all public and private property within the scope of construction.


The recording shall include the coverage of all surface and other site features located in areas to be affected by the Work, extending to a minimum of 15 feet outside the actual right of way (street, construction, etc.). The surface features recorded shall include, but not be limited to, roadways, driveways, sidewalks, curbs, culverts, headwalls, retaining walls, buildings, above- ground utilities, parks, lawns, landscaping, trees, tree canopies, shrubbery and fences. The area of coverage shall extend to 50 feet from the proposed work site but shall also include all unpaved areas and access routes where vehicles or equipment will pass.


Specific areas of these projects include, but are not limited to:


  • All areas to be entered by vehicles or equipment, including construction areas for both internal and excavated improvements.


  • Areas requiring manhole work.


  • Paved and unpaved areas which will be entered by vehicles or equipment.


  • Other areas that may be impacted by the Work, including work staging areas and field offices, as directed by the Owner

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